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About Brandon Casey

How We Started

Brandon Casey’s journey into wedding and event planning began with a love of food. After receiving two degrees in culinary services and hospitality management, Brandon sought a career that combined his knowledge and education of the service industry with his personal interests of style and design. He found his niche within a catering company and began to sharpen his skill pairing classical menus with the themes and aesthetic of client parties and galas.

After moving to Baltimore, Brandon worked as an event manager where he dove into event planning and curated his palate for upscale affairs. He excelled within this field and became a frequently requested planner within the Washington, D.C. Metro Area. He transitioned to working within the government, planning occasions for the U.S. Capitol with high-profile clientele attendees, such as former presidents, senators and other government officials.

Brandon’s talents lead him to create an event studio influenced by art, culture and fashion based in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. With a meticulous attention to detail and ideas forged with enthusiasm, he strives to create experiences and memories guaranteed to last a lifetime. Combining his charismatic personality and contagious smile with eleven years of event planning experience, Brandon Casey aims to exceed all client expectations.